Cafe Au Lait Spots One

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Caféaulait spots are smooth, often irregular, brown spots on the skin. They are usually the earliest sign for neurofibromatosis. Ask a dermatologist!
It should be stressed that there is no connection between the number of cafeaulait spots on a person and the degree of severity of neurofibromatosis. It doesn't .
Caféaulait spots or macules (CALS or CALM) are flat, pigmented spots on the skin. They are commonly referred to as “birthmarks”, but are often not present at .
Define café au lait spots typical of neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) and describe. The frequency of having at least one CAL spot has been reported as 3% in .
Having one to three caféaulait spots is quite common, present in as many as one in five healthy children. Each spot of significant size after the first three, .